To the Editor,

The current situation in New Jersey and around the country is seemingly dire. Millions are unemployed, federal spending has taken a life of its own, over 100,000 Americans have died, rioters and looters flooded the streets destroying property and livelihoods. America is cracking at her foundations, and we need to start laying the cement and constructing our country back to her formal glory again. We need a builder in Washington, and in David Richter New Jersey has just that.

In 2018, the Republicans lost control of all but one of their seats in New Jersey's congressional delegation. This included the 3rd District, which was a conservative staple for the better part of two and a half decades.

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Since that pivotal day in 2018, Democrats have truly done nothing productive for the people of New Jersey, or the United States. They have simply done two things; continued to blow spending through the roof and try to impeach President Trump in what will go down as one of the most embarrassing political stunts in our nation’s history.  Democratic Representative Andy Kim, from the NJ-3rd, has done nothing but tow the party line, even though the party line is directly counter to the needs and will of the constituents. Now, Representative Kim faces his first challenge to retain his seat, and provided the Republicans turn out to vote for Richter he will lose.

Andy Kim voted right alongside the Democratic Leadership as they tried to remove a duly elected President on lackadaisical and unconstitutional grounds, even though a majority of his constituents support the President and voted for him in 2016. Kim also voted for the billions of dollars in COVID spending that did not go to helping individuals or small business but instead went to helping bail out major corporations.

 The bills that Congress rushed through did not truly help the situation; they exacerbated it. Congress passed bills that made it more affordable to be unemployed than to go back to work, and that is why you see over 700,000 New Jersey residents unemployed right now. That is reckless! This is what happens though, when you put a bunch of liberal elites into the levers of power, and not people that had to run businesses and sign pay checks into the system.

If David Richter were representing the great state of New Jersey though, he would have fought to pass a comprehensible and common-sense plan to deal with the economic turmoil that COVID has caused. Richter would have fought for pay-roll tax cuts, small-business tax cuts, expansions of SBA loans and for college to reimburse students for the services that they were not provided, such as room and board. All of these plans would have cost, the government less money and would have put more dollars in the pockets of Americas working class.

 As the son of a retired police officer turned small-business owner, it would be an understatement to say that this election is not personal. America has been shaken to its core in these past three months, and it is time that we as Americans, and New Jersey residents rebuild from the damage done by the Democrats in congress. David Richter spent over 20 years building schools, hospitals and museums, now we need to hire him to rebuild our democracy.

Submitted by.

AJ Melillo, Montclair State University student and Island Heights resident.