BARNEGAT, NJ - Recently defeated Hainesport Committee candidate Anthony Porto has joined defeated Burlington County Freeholder candidate Katie Gibbs and Ocean County's John Novak in the race to unseat Democrat Andy Kim. Novak, the Mayor of Barnegat, is the only Republican candidate in NJ-3 who is a current elected office holder said, "I welcome all Republicans who agree with the good people of Ocean and Burlington Counties that liberal progressive Andy Kim has to be removed from Congress next November."

Porto, like Gibbs, is from Burlington County where both recently lost their bids for re-election in separate races. Porto, then Hainesport's Deputy Mayor, got caught up in a situation where it was reported he directed a post about a female Democrat. Reports were that a screenshot of a meme image posted by Porto showed Kermit the Frog, drinking from a bottle and the caption, “Aww, you’re spreading rumors about me. At least you found a hobby spreading something other than your legs (expletive).” Porto is said to have apologized for the slur, which appeared to be aimed at Anna Evans, a Democratic candidate for township committee. Porto lost the election.

Separately, Gibbs was the point person on the Burlington County GOP's loss of their long held majority on the Freeholder Board as well as the clerk's seat when she was soundly defeated by George Youngkin, who in light of being accused of domestic violence against his wife as well as stalking another woman suspended his campaign but his name remained on the ballot. Youngkin, who thereafter resigned from office, defeated Gibbs by over 8,000 votes.

Lifelong Ocean County resident John Novak, who was just selected again as Barnegat's Mayor and has been elected to that governing body three times is a conservative Republican who has been an attorney for thirty years, supports President Trump, the Bill of Rights, Border Security and the sanctity of life. "I do not need a campaign handler to provide me with teleprompter-inspired polished political prose; I can speak from my heart to the voters of Ocean and Burlington counties because my beliefs and positions coincide with the Republican base in this Congressional District. My positions on important issues are pointedly pronounced and decisively displayed. I am neither ashamed nor afraid to stand up on that which is dear to me and the residents of Ocean and Burlington."