BARNEGAT, NJ -  Richard Levoi joins many other Brooklyn transplants in moving to the Jersey shore. In Richard's case, he and his wife Jennifer came to Barnegat with a purpose. They wanted to be close to Jennifer's parents in Waretown.  Like many people, Richard feels that the coronavirus crisis has created uncertainty and resulted in a great deal of negativety. He therefore took to song to bring some hope.

"We lived in New York during 9/11," shared Richard.  "I remember everyone wondering how we would get past all of that and relied on optimism.  It's the same now - we are the greatest country."

The downfall of the World Trade Centers impact the Levoi family up close and personal. Jennifer worked as an executive secretary at World Trade Center II and was lucky enough to escape the diaster. However, Richard believes his wife's Stage IV breast cancer diagnosis occurred because of Jennifer's environmental exposure during that time period.  As they fight that battle together with their two children, Michael 9, and Sophia, 6, the Levoi's are all too familiar with uncertainty.

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Richard has always used music as a means of expression. He's a trained pianist and is only a few credits shy of a degree in Music Arts at the College of Staten Island.

"They're using my old campus for extra hospital beds," Richard said. "It's all so surreal."

When he lived in Brooklyn, Richard became known as the guy who did Billy Joel tributes throughout the area. His song of hope during today's coronavirus crisis isn't his first original tune.  In fact, another publication once credited Richard for his heartful ballad about Kings County.

It's today's song that is sure to hit the hearts of many who look for optimism. For those who want to follow the lyrics to "The Day We Beat Our Biggest Threat," they're here:

The sun will rise on the land that we love

We must fight and rise above

We wear masks we wear gloves

We stay at home

To protect all of the souls

No more concerts or superbowl's

A sacrifice to reach our goals

It's not far away 

Before we all will gather in church's that's what matters

To thank god for everything

That he gave to us

Our country that stands by us

Together we will beat this virus

Nothing ever will divide us

We have our fears

That in time we will surpass

Challenges we face they will not last

The fireworks that we will blast

When we all win

It will be better than before

We all stood strong and won the war

Our country now will soar

Millions back to work

Smiles on their faces

All religions and races

Will be proud again

Mothers  giving birth to new life and a new world

We all will go back to DisneyWorld

And we never will forget

The day we beat our biggest threat

In the meantime, the Levoi family could use some help.  Anyone wishing to contribute to their GoFundMe page can find it here.  On behalf of TAPintoBarnegat/Waretown, we thank Richard for sharing his song and wish his family the best.