WARETOWN, NJ - The following message has been received from Ocean Township Mayor Ken Baulderstone:

Most Important message from the Mayor concerning Coronavirus COVID-19

Today I participated in a conference call with the New Jersey Senators Menendez and Booker, watched the press conferences given by the New Jersey Governor Murphy and President Trump regarding the crisis facing the nation and the world.

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At the time of writing this message there have been zero Positive tests results reported in our town, however this virus is present in Ocean County with 98 cases, and in our neighboring towns; there are 3 cases in Lacey and 1 case in Barnegat.

Today the Governor of New Jersey issued Executive Order No. 107 requiring New Jersey residents TO REMAIN AT HOME unless they are:

  1. Obtaining goods or services from essential businesses
  2. Obtaining takeout food or beverages
  3. Seeking medical attention, essential social services, or assistance from law enforcement or emergency services
  4. Visiting family or other individuals with whom the resident has a close personal relationship, such as those for whom the individual is a caretaker or romantic partner
  5. Reporting to, or performing, their job
  6. Walking, running, operating a wheelchair, or engaging in outdoor activities with immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners while following best social distancing practices with other individuals, including staying six feet apart
  7. Leaving the home for an educational, religious, or political reason
  8. Leaving because of a reasonable fear for health or safety
  9. Leaving at the direction of law enforcement or other governmental authority
  10. When in public, individuals MUST practice social distancing and stay six feet apart whenever practicable, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners.

Gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, weddings, or other social events are CANCELLED.

The brick-and-mortar premises of all NON-ESSENTIAL retail businesses MUST close to the public. The following ESSENTIAL retail businesses may remain open during their normal business hours:

  1. Grocery stores, farmer’s markets, food banks and other food stores
  2. Pharmacies and medicinal marijuana dispensaries
  3. Medical supply stores
  4. Gas stations
  5. Convenience stores
  6. Stores within healthcare facilities
  7. Hardware and home improvement stores
  8. Retail functions of banks and other financial institutions
  9. Laundromats and dry-cleaning services
  10. Stores that sell supplies for children under five years old
  11. Pet Stores
  12. Liquor stores
  13. Auto maintenance and repair services
  14. Printing and office supply shops
  15. Retail mail and delivery stores

Penalties for violation of this Executive Order may be imposed.

Governor Murphy instructed people to stay in their primary residence and DO NOT GO TO HOMES AT THE JERSEY SHORE.

In the Press Conference Governor Murphy stated the following are essential:

  • Municipal Services
  • Work on construction projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Home health services
  • Home cleaning services
  • Physical therapy
  • Moving company services

The Governor said that you can:

  • Walk
  • Run

outside your home but you MUST exercise SOCIAL DISTANCING - 6’ space between each person.

The Governor stated that in NJ there are 442 new Positives for a total of 1,427, with 5 new deaths for a total of 16. It is expected that 15% of people contracting the virus will be admitted to hospital, 5% will be in the ICU and 1 to 3% will die. For more information about the disease in the state visit COVID19.nj.gov

The seriousness of this crisis cannot be overstated. In the call with Senators Menendez and Booker they referenced a Rutgers study that estimates 13,000 New Jersey residents will die from this disease.

They reinforced the need for SOCIAL DISTANCING and SELF-ISOLATION

In the President Trump press conference it was stated that 195,000 Americans have been tested with 19,343 Positive cases.

Locally the Township is still expected to perform essential duties but we must also prepare to be able to continue operation should, or when, a Township employee is exposed to the virus. For this reason the workforce is being split into teams that will work in the office on alternate days, and at home on the days not in the office to reduce the cross exposure and maximize social distancing. When an employee tests positive all the other employees in the team will be tested and self-isolate.

The police have implemented a similar team structure and if the number of officers is reduced support will come from the County and surrounding towns to ensure Public Safety services will continue.

The Office of Emergency Management was activated on March13 under the direction of Chief Rogalski and appropriate measures are being taken by the Police, Fire and First Aid services to provide the needed services for the residents of the town throughout this crisis.

Please do all you can to protect yourself and not spread the virus to your family, friends or neighbors by following the Executive Order.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss this subject please call me at (609)312-8059.


Ken Baulderstone


Township of Ocean