To the Editor,

As a constituent of Barnegat, I am outraged by the recent remarks and call to action by the mayor of this town. I am calling for his immediate resignation and removal of office. 

Here's why:

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1) Separation of church & state is exactly what an elected official agrees to upon being sworn into office,

2) We, too pay taxes in this town, $8k a year to be specific, and have no kids. So too  bad, if we're good enough to pay school taxes, you have to learn about LGBTQ history. It might make your kids a bit more compassionate and humanitarian. Not a bad thing. 

3) If your child should happen to be gay, this education might just be the difference between their life and death. The suicide rate amongst teen LGBTQ youth is alarming high and bullying is right there with it.  

4) If you feel the way he does about this,  then most of your LGBTQ friends don't want to be your fake friend so you can say you know someone who's gay yet act the opposite of an ally.

5) I urge you to call Barnegat Twp. Committee members and demand he be removed from office just as he makes demands. 609-698-6658

6) Next township committee meeting is September 3, 2019 at 6:30PM. 

C. Diona, Barnegat Resident