To the Editor:

There have been over 1,354,000 American war deaths through 2019 - including almost 500,000 during the Civil War. Over one-million three-hundred fifty-four thousand Americans died during war to obtain in some cases (Revolutionary War, Civil War) and protect/preserve our precious freedoms and liberties. None of these people went to war to die; they went to war to live - live in a free country with individual liberties. They (and their surviving families) sacrificed much for freedom and liberty.

According to the CDC, each year approximately 600,000+ little babies are killed in the womb at the hands of doctors. It's not talked about much and seemingly not of concern to the masses, but the fact remains - that's an awful lot of little beating hearts that never see the light of day on this earth. More than 600,000.  Killed.  Per year.  Every year.  (Even more in previous years.)

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The very same CDC, reports that 48,816 people died from COVID-19 as of 5:49 p.m. April 24, 2020. I am saddened by the deaths of 48,816 from COVID-19 and feel for the loss of those who the dead have left behind. Some of the dead were old - and certainly had every right to live for as long as possible. Some were in poor health due to poor genetics and/or poor choices and/or poor habits - and certainly had every right to live for as long as possible.

48,816 deaths and fear has altered the balance between the power of the government and the power of the people in, of all places, the United States of America while 600,000 innocent deaths (annually) barely rates a conversation anymore.

Not counting some 258,000 Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War, over 1,000,000 men and women thought so much of our freedoms and liberties that they not only risked their lives - but sacrificed their lives for the United States of America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. 48,000 deaths has caused us to lose more freedoms and more liberties in a shorter amount of time, for a greater duration than any of us can ever remember, save perhaps for the brief period immediately after 9-11-01.

In the past month have we been as brave as our history claims us to be? Are we as free as our history has earned us to be?

48,000 deaths has altered, in a bad way, our freedoms and our individual liberties so much and so fast that at least a million who served must be rolling over in their graves! God help the United States of America.


John J. Novak

Mayor, Barnegat Township