To the Editor:

I just read your article about the over 55 communities in Barnegat and Waretown and I want to thank you for setting the record straight. As a resident of Greenbriar in Waretown, we do a lot for the community besides pay taxes. We do a great deal of charitable work and donate thousands of dollars each year to local charities and for families in need.

We hold an outing each year for the local police, fire and first responders and their families to come and enjoy our facilities and have a Bar-B-Q lunch on us. We also donate thousands of dollars each year to the first aid squad and fire department. 

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As you stated in your article we do not get a tax break because we do not have children of school age living with us. My wife and I were unable to have children, so we have paid our taxes and have never used the system. We both are born and raised in New Jersey and taxes are a way of life. We understand the tax situation and as crazy as this sounds, we still decided to retire in New Jersey because its home and its where our families live. 

I did a quick calculation on how much we have paid in just property taxes over the 38 years we have been married  and it comes to more than $325,000.00 or about $8,552.00 per year. That's a lot of money by any standard except for anyone living in the rest of the high tax states. I just wish our local, state and federal governments would be more judicious with our money and not squander it as they do with so much of our tax dollars.

Again thank you very much for your article.  It was refreshing to see a news story that was packed with facts and written honestly.


Randy Viscomi, Waretown, NJ