Dear Editor:

I am a candidate for the Barnegat Township Committee; and I hope that during the next few months I can earn the support of the residents of Barnegat and hopefully their vote.

 I would like to respond to a recent Letter to the Editor in your publication. 

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 In the letter, the writer asserts that I am punishing the people of Barnegat.  That could not be further from the truth.  I filed the Civil Action to seek remedy for the residents of Barnegat from a  Township Committee that had chosen NOT to follow the Department of Community Affairs directive for virtual public meetings; thus depriving concerned Barnegat residents from having their voice heard in “real-time”….even when our Planning Board and Municipal Court followed that DCA directive.

The writer has a history of disparaging me in Social Media and seems to be a cheerleader for the powers that be.   He uses scare tactics and deceptions in his muses.  For instance, in the letter, he refers to a recall against me while I was previously a Mayor…let me offer the readers the facts.

 As Mayor, I  instituted a Quality of Life Task Force and 24/7 Hotline;  to identify, fine, and take corrective action against Developers, absentee landlords, LLC Landlords, and Slum-lords who had a history of violations and who were creating unsafe & deplorable conditions in the town and also for their tenants.  That is what a responsible elected official should do to protect the residents.

It was a developer and group of landlords who started the recall and… they even paid people to sign the recall petition.  The recall was unsuccessful because the citizens saw right through the scam.

 The people of Barnegat should know that absentee landlords and LLC Landlords are now actively doing business in Barnegat.

So, one must ask...why would the writer proffer deceptive claims?   Is he an advocate for these absentee landlords or is he a partisan who supports a Township Committee which chose NOT to follow a lawful directive from the DCA, which resulted in the loss of the rights of Barnegat residents to question their government and to have their voices heard?

I hope the residents of Barnegat will allow me to serve; but whether I am elected or not, I will always support and defend the rights of the residents of Barnegat.



Charles Cunliffe