To The Mayor of Barnegat Township John J. Novak and Ocean Township Ken Baulderstone.

Although I now live in Waretown, I raised my children and served on the Board of Education in Barnegat.  My family remains in Barnegat and I am concerned.

Some have a serious question- where is a statement or communication from Barnegat Township’s Mayor John J. Novak or Ocean Township Mayor Ken's Baulderstone's commentary? Where are the leaders/the committee people? The office of the mayor and committee people have a responsibility to stay in communication with its community and it has not done so... during this time and growing pandemic.

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You can watch a YouTube video of our Barnegat Police Department’s finest Chief Keith Germain.. He shared a well gathered informational video to help others understand what’s being done with regards to our Officers and the public. You can find a statement from the Barnegat First aid squad and it’s change of SOP’s (Standard operating procedures). Likewise, Chief Michel Rogalski in Ocean Township is keeping people up to speed through social media.

The Barnegat Township school district has taken the best stance in protecting the children of this community! Great job Dr. Latwis and staff! It appears that Ocean Township has decided to close doors for now as well.

Local business owners and restaurants have discussed changes that they are offering in delivery services or restaurant pick up of placed orders. Places of worship have now moved to virtual live streaming- Bayside Chapels statement, “We have made this decision not out of fear, but out of a sincere desire to love our neighbors, and for the protection of those most vulnerable to this virus”

Adult communities in Barnegat have shut down their clubhouse’s, closed their immediate facilities-gyms, pottery, libraries and aquatics facilities. The two townships' main offices will be closed to the public but staffed according to a nixel alert.  However, there's  still no word from the mayor or committee people.  

Why is there no communication or written statement to the people of the community? Why not be proactive instead of reactive? Why are our government officials giving off the appearance of being a followers and waiting for others to speak or tell them what to do?... Why not be a leader, you should be communicating to the public in regards to -not to panic but prepare accordingly.

Speak to all to understand that there are particular procedures and protocols to follow to help “flatten the curve” and help those understand “social distancing.” You should be informing residents of the departments that they could be following links to, such as the CDC or the State Department of Public Health or Ocean County Health Department

. Why wait for the governor of NJ-again be a leader! Get in touch with Freeholder Mr. Little, call Senator Connors and do something- not be silent! The Governor will be making some announcements very soon- again, get ahead and show LEADERSHIP!

While all these other major entities in town are taking the necessary steps and precautions to help the public both mayors are still silent with no statement... not even an electronic communication has gone out to the public from the office of the Mayor and township committees! Why wait for confirmed cases or God forbid, a death?

 In Barnegat, we now have a police officer who must self quarantine due to a police call and possible exposure. Again leadership requires people doing things ahead of others- where are you and why have you not had a communication with your community?

Even as simple as the reassurance that you are accessible and on top of it... because your silence and lack of gives the impression of otherwise!

Rafael Adorno Jr. Concerned Citizen