LONG BEACH ISLAND - Long Beach Township and Ship Bottom officially wrote letters discouraging people who own second homes from coming to stay on Long Beach Island in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.  The primary concerns of both Ship Bottom and Long Beach Township leadership is the strain the additional population could put on the local medical support system. 

Dr. Joseph Lattanza, representing the Long Beach Township Board of Commissioners wrote the following memo that was posted on the Township Facebook page on Friday.

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves we expect the governor to impose further restrictions on travel and services. Many individuals are taking this opportunity to spend this time in the Long Beach Island area.

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We are strongly recommending that you remain in your primary service area and DO NOT relocate to the shore area. Be mindful if you do travel you will not access to your local health care providers with a better appreciation of your medical history.

Furthermore, the local health care and other emergency services are not equipped to handle a mass influx of demand which will likely overwhelm the system. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Joseph Lattanzi MD
Past President of Southern Ocean Medical Center
Commissioner of Long Beach Township

With endorsement of Long Beach Township Commissioners

Ship Bottom Mayor William Huelsenbeck released the following statement on Friday:

Important Message RE: COVID-19

During this time, as many individuals are taking this opportunity to relocate to Long Beach Island, we recommend that you reconsider this decision.

Our first responders and our critical health care providers may not be equipped to handle this massive influx.

What may seem like a flight to safety could put you and your loved ones in a dangerous situation where your primary health care providers are many miles away.

We respectfully request that you please remain in your primary area until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you when this emergency has ended. Stay safe and be well.

Very truly yours,

William Huelsenbeck