BARNEGAT/WARETOWN, NJ - Some may like it hot. However, today’s rising temperatures throughout Barnegat, Waretown and other parts of Ocean County call for a heat watch. In fact, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department suggests using caution through the weekend.

Today’s weather calls for a high of 90 degrees. In the meantime, those affected by humidity need to take special care. No precipitation is in sight until tomorrow. Meanwhile, the current humidity level is at 48%.

Among other things, heat waves bring on power outages in many areas. Of course, this happens as a result of more and more people utilizing air conditioning to bring indoor temperatures to acceptable levels. The most recent New York City blackout even dimmed the lights on Broadway.

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For those who do not have the luxury of air conditioning in their homes, authorities suggest seeking relief in public places. This includes malls, as well as libraries and movie theaters.

Important Tips During a Heat Watch

During a heat watch, individuals should consider some important tips. Admittedly, some are more obvious than others.

  • Do not leave children or pets in any type of vehicle.
  • Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen when you are outside.
  • Wear light-colored clothing and a hat to cover your head.
  • Consider adjusting your exercise routine to avoid strenuous activities.

Heat stroke represents a reality when temperatures rise. Breathing changes, lightheadedness, and rapid heartbeats are all indicative of heat stroke and often signify the need for emergency medical treatment.

Stephanie A. Faughnan is a local journalist and Director of Writefully Inspired, a professional writing and resume service. Feel free to contact her at