BARNEGAT, NJ - Last night, Barnegat Police Chief Keith Germain took some time out of his day to address local residents. For Facebook members, it was an opportunity to ask questions during the live presentation. Those who shy away from social media still have the opportunity to learn from the lead in keeping the community safe during the coronavirus crisis.

Germain recognized the threat a pandemic could cause early on, and took steps to put the proper protections in place. As a leader, the Barnegat chief is humble and always acknowledges the men and women who work with him. It's no small wonder that Germain made sure his department had the right protective gear when everything happened at once. Germain's action plan came early and serves as a model for other communities. 

When life is back to normal, TAPintoBarnegat/Waretown hopes to interview the chief for the backstory in coming up with plans.  In the meantime, we suggest that Barnegat residents can learn a lot by listening to Germain up close and personal - in the video attached.