STAFFORD - From far away, one could hear the fire engine sirens moving towards the incident. There was a car on fire at the Manahawkin Taco Bell. The car was in the Drive-thru window lane, was stalled and engulfed in flames.

The Stafford Police were the first to arrive on the scene. Stafford Township Police Officer Keith Oler made the great move to push the car out of the drive-thru lane and away from the building. The flames were huge and the building was in imminent danger of also being engulfed.  You can see that Oler put himself in danger as he had to drive over flames on the ground preceding making contact with the vehicle. 

As you see in the video, it was great work by Oler and the other Stafford officers present. A much greater amount of damage and potential tragedy was averted. 

The Stafford Township Fire Department arrived shortly afterward to put the fire out.