TOMS RIVER - The Southern Regional Boys Swim team won the Ocean County Swimming Championship on Saturday in Toms River.

The Rams won and event that Toms River North has dominated in recent years. 

The Rams finised with one first-place finish, taking the 400 free relay with a time of 3:30.94 that was easily the best time in the race to clinch the county title with 332 total points. Toms River South was second with 309.5 points and Toms River North was third with 230.5.

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The Rams had 12 top-six finishes in the meet. Kristian Weirner (100 free, 500 free), Jackson Hughes (50 free, 100 free) and Sean White (200 IM, 100 breast) each earned two top-six finishes.


1-Southern 332;
2-Toms River South 309.50;
3-Toms River North 230.50;
4-Central Regional 204.50;
5-Lacey 203;
6-Jackson Memorial 190.50;
7-Barnegat 144;
8-Manchester Township 128;
9-Brick Memorial 107;
10-Donovan Catholic 106;
11-Brick Township 73;
12-Jackson Liberty 67;
13-Point Pleasant Boro 30;
14-Toms River East 21.

200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Toms River South (Chase Garrett, Dylan Citta, Vasilios Vasilakis, Liam Mackle) 1:40.67; 2-Toms River North 1:41.46; 3-Southern 1:45.08; 4-Lacey 1:45.50; 5-Jackson Memorial 1:52.03; 6-Manchester Township 1:52.68.

200-YARD FREESTYLE: 1-Mike Schober, Toms River North, 1:45.66; 2-Tom Vija, Brick Memorial, 1:48.09; 3-Bryan Bodnarchuk, Central Regional, 1:49.59; 4-Thomas DeLucca, Manchester Township, 1:49.63; 5-Justin Newman, Toms River South, 1:58.07; 6-Jack Renaud, Donovan Catholic, 1:58.79.

200-YARD INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY: 1-Dylan Citta, Toms River South, 1:57.77; 2-Lucas Whelan, Lacey, 2:04.58; 3-Brandon McMahon, Central Regional, 2:06.49; 4-Aidan McInerney, Southern, 2:14.24; 5-Grant Tyler, Barnegat, 2:17.34; 6-Sean White, Southern, 2:23.45.

50-YARD FREESTYLE: 1-Mike Schober, Toms River North, 22.07; *2-Vasilios Vasilakis, Toms River South, 22.88; *2-Anthony Napreev, Jackson Memorial, 22.88; 4-Liam Mackle, Toms River South, 23.20; 5-Jackson Hughes, Southern, 23.63; 6-Sean Cook, Lacey, 23.69.

100-YARD BUTTERFLY: Aidan DeBiasi, Toms River North, 53.09; 2-John Englert, Jackson Memorial, 55.60; 3-Christian Dela Cruz, Donovan Catholic, 56.49; 4-Evan Gardner, Brick Township, 57.42; 5-Peter VanDerWerf, Lacey, 58.72; 6-Liam Mackle, Toms River South, 59.02.

100-YARD FREESTYLE: 1-Bryan Bodnarcuk, Central Regional, 49.51; 2-Vasilios Vasilakis, Toms River South, 50.30; 3-Kristian Werner, Southern, 50.36; 4-Jackson Hughes, Southern Regional, 51.46; 5-Anthony Napreev, Jackson Memorial, 51.73; 6-Cid Talag, Toms River North, 52.02.

500-YARD FREESTYLE: 1-Tom Vija, Brick Memorial, 4:56.15; 2-Lucas Whelan, Lacey, 5:00.16; 3-Thomas DeLucca, Manchester Township, 5:00.90; 4-Kristian Werner, Southern, 5:18.93; 5-Justin Newman, Toms River South, 5:21.34; 6-Russell Hill, Southern, 5:29.73.

200-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY: 1-Toms River North (Mike Schober, Bill Fleury, Aidan DeBiasi, Cid Talag) 1:31.81; 2-Toms River South 1:32.77; 3-Central Regional 1:35.84; 4-Barnegat 1:36.14; 5-Southern 1:39.06; 6-Jackson Memorial 1:43.04.

100-YARD BACKSTROKE: 1-Aidan DeBiasi, Toms River North, 55.21; 2-Brandon McMahon, Central Regional, 56.30; 3-John Englert, Jackson Memorial, 58.80; 4-Peter VanderWerf, Lacey, 59.92; 5-Chase Garrett, Toms River South, 1:02.08; 6-Kameron Davis, Southern, 1:02.41.

100-YARD BREASTSTROKE: 1-Dylan Citta, Toms River South, 57.61; 2-Sean Cook, Lacey, 1:00.42; 3-Christian Dela Cruz, Donovan Catholic, 1:01.01; 4-Cid Talag, Toms River North, 1:03.14; 5-Sean White, Southern, 1:04.91; 6-Jack Parks, Toms River South, 1:10.20.

400-YARD FREESTYLE RELAY: 1-Southern (Jackson Hughes, Beck Jaffe, Cole Nemes, Kristian Werner) 3:29.29; 2-Central 3:30.94; 3-Lacey 3:35.24; 4-Jackson Memorial 3:39.90; 5-Manchester Township 3:41.53; 6-Toms River South 3:48.06.