NEW JERSEY: Stanley Watts has a passion for fishing that goes back to his childhood. Growing up the son of a military dad, Watts learned to fish with his father in locations where his family was stationed, like Hawaii. From first through fourth grade, Stanley would fish with his father at Pearl Harbor, off the pier. 

Fast-forward to today, Stanley now lives in Lanoka Harbor, NJ and is the Chief Technology Officer at ClassLink, a technology company based in Clifton, NJ. Watts' love for fishing remains strong, enjoying the sport for fun about once a week when he can. According to Watts, it's not unusual to see dolphins and sharks while deep sea fishing. However, Sunday, while out fishing at Spencer Canyon, with the team from Hard-Fin Offshore Tackle, after a great day of catching tuna they were heading back to shore. "We were about 80 miles out from the Barnegat Bay, when we saw a very large shark swimming close to our fishing boat..."  commented Watts. You can see the video footage here: 


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Watts continues, "When we first saw the shark it was so gigantic, we thought it was a Whale Shark. We turned off the boat and were just in awe of the size of the shark. It was at least 20 feet long, and looking closer we realized it was a Basking Shark."  commented Watts. The good news is that Basking Sharks are not dangerous to humans and eat a diet of plankton.  

According to Watts, using technology and websites like Rutgers Imagery, they follow the sea surface temperatures looking for temperature breaks or certain temperature ranges for the targeted species. The preferred water temperature for a specific species indicates the most likely areas where the fish would be based on their temperature preference.  It's tuna season now and different types of tuna hang out in different specific temperature ranges. "HardFin creates 3D printed custom lures for fishing, and we were testing some of their newer lures in the Canyons. People don't realize how many sharks there are off the Jersey Coast, dozens of species from big to small, even a mile from the beach. It's not unusual for a 7-foot Thresher Shark to jump near the back of our boats."  

Nathan from HardFin commented,  “We utilize new technology to advance the sport of big game fishing. We specialize in making lighted lures to troll at night and the Superbird which have proven to catch fish. Using a biodegradable polymer we are an environmentally conscious company who enjoys amazing wildlife encounters such as this" Here is an example of what one of the new 3D printed lightweight lures looks like

WATCH: Video of the crew catching tuna: 

Sometimes the fishing boats are lucky to have their own Dolphin Show. Watts has a great video here of a school of dolphins swimming along wtih his boat. WATCH:  Dolphin video below:  

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