BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - For the fitness-phobic who are intimidated by big groups in big classes or the rows of machines that they’re unsure how to operate, not far from the center of town in Berkeley Heights might be the beginning of your path to a better quality of life. Just recently opened, Body Restoration is a warm and welcoming new fitness studio with a compassionate owner who wants to help you improve your quality of life, “This is a labor of love,” said Doreen Puglisi, gesturing to her beautiful new studio. “I want to focus on the baby boomers who want to stay healthy and active, but don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment.”

Is there a fitness level you look back on longingly? Ten years ago, you wouldn’t have hesitated to run for the train. When confronted with a slow elevator, you were the one who bolted for the dreaded stairwell and hiked up four flights without a thought. But maybe now, you wouldn’t even consider it. Maybe gyms and the masses of people lined up on ellipticals make you nervous and intimidated.  Whether you’re a baby boomer with a strained shoulder, have chronic back pain that has slowed you down, or are recovering from surgery and need a more personalized setting, look no further. Help has arrived in the form of a unique and personal new fitness studio to help get you back in the game.

Doreen Puglisi, the owner of Body Restoration in Berkeley Heights, is a former college professor with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. “As we get older, things happen, whether its chronic back problems, shoulder surgeries or injuries, joint replacements, hypertension or diabetes. If you don’t stay active, the quality of your life diminishes,” said Puglisi.  She has been in the health and fitness field for 25 years as an educator and has owned two wellness studios.

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Her brand new spotless studio has four stations for her maximum of four participants in each group classes. For those intimidated by gyms, the space and the owner will quickly put you at ease. “My goal truly is to get you where you want to be. If you need one-on-one, we start there and then you may move on to a group and then you return to what you were doing before," said Puglisi. "We have avid cyclists and they want to get back to that, so that becomes our goal."

Body Restoration offers many programs and classes. The Dr. Fit programs through Body Restoration are designed for those suffering from medical conditions such as heart disease, obesity, hypertension, or arthritis, diabetes or cancer. They offer custom designed training sessions while adopting healthy behaviors to improve your quality of life. The ultimate goal of Dr. Fit Programs is to bridge the gap between health care and fitness, through carefully developed and tailored personal training. There is Heart Fit, Diabetes Fit, Survive Fit and the Pink Ribbon Program. Puglisi will also be starting monthly lectures on health and fitness starting in April.

Puglisi’s Pink Ribbon Program is a global brand conceived to assist breast cancer survivors to regain mobility and strength they lost after surgery and recovery. “There is no standard rehabilitation for breast cancer patients coming out of surgery. If you have any kind of joint replacement you will automatically get a prescription for physical therapy, but there hasn’t been a lot of research on breast cancer recovery so there’s not a lot of data.” She created the program in 2002 after having clients come in following breast cancer surgery. “I looked into what the protocol should be for them and there was nothing, and so I created it myself.”

She became her own client a few years later when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, “In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I used my program to rehabilitate myself.” She realized what patients go through firsthand and it prompted her to create the education program that is now global, “We are in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Ireland Hungary and Italy, we have over a thousand certified Pink Ribbon instructors throughout the world.”

From achy middle-aged athletes to baby boomers recovering from knee or hip replacements, Puglisi knows how to get you back on track since she has been there herself. “I know it’s a lot to deal with, we can do it as a group or start with one-on-one training.” With no more than three other classmates you will be noticed, but in a good way. Body Restoration is just what it says it is, a place where you can go to rebuild, regain and restore your quality of life.

Body Restoration is located at 10 Summit Ave. in Berkeley Heights.

Telephone: (908) 464-4644. Email Doreen Puglisi at

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