BERNARDS, NJ - Rohan Atre — or “Ro — as his friends and family call him, is 10 years old. He is a rising fifth grader at Mount Prospect Elementary School and enjoys playing the piano, cello, is a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwando and likes to swim.

But Ro was born with several allergies, including peanuts, eggs, wheat, soy and others. Ro has been a patient of Dr. Teri Brown at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia since he was little.

But Ro didn’t let his allergies stop him. The resilient 10-year-old decided to try and help other kids who suffered from allergies just like him. This summer he decided to start a fundraiser to help kids with allergies at the hospital that had helped him.

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“This so far has been really fun. We have been going door-to-door sometimes. Delivering these to those that want to donate,” Ro said. “My favorite part was seeing their smiles. It really gave me a warm feeling and hopefully, it gives a warm feeling to other kids with allergies.”

He decided to sell rainbow ribbons for a minimum donation of $5 to try and raise $1,000 for CHOP by the end of summer.

“I am actually being [tested again] for [my egg allergy] this September so maybe a week before I go to Philadelphia where my hospital is, I am going to let this fundraiser go on,” he said. “So far, many donations have come in and hopefully within a month, I will be reaching my goal of $1,000.”

Since the start of the project about one week ago, Ro has created, sold and delivered a few hundred dollars worth of ribbons on the way to his goal. His best advice to other kids that want to start their own projects:

“Think deep down from you heart. Ideas don’t come quickly,” he said. “Do what you know will help make a change.”

To purchase a ribbon or to make a donation to Ro’s cause, email