BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, NJ - One helps struggling students learn to read — and teaches other teachers to do the same. Others on the list for 2013-14 Teachers of the Year in Bernards Township have inspired middle school musicians to become music educators themselves, orchestrate annual world language weeks with food and festivities, or are the classroom teachers that really reach their students, according to descriptions of the educators read at the May 19 Board of Education meeting.

As is done every year, the Bernards Township school district has selected a Teacher of the Year from Ridge High School, the William Annin Middle School and from the four elementary schools. Those schools include Oak Street School, Mount Prospect School, Liberty Corner School and Cedar Hill School.

The names of those teachers, nominated by their peers and chosen for the honor by the vote of their school's staff, were read at Monday's school board meeting. Those who were present were publicly introduced. 

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The list included specialists and also classroom teachers.

Each of the teacher's names were read, along with a synopsis of their contributions written by their building principals.

This year's Teachers of the Year are:

Chiara Kupiec, Spanish and Italian teacher at Ridge High School

Wyman Wong, music teacher at William Annin Middle School

Kelly Winkler, reading specialist at Cedar Hill School

Deborah Len, third grade teacher at Liberty Corner School

Susan Lieb, speech language specialist at Mount Prospect School

Joyce Campos, fifth grade teacher at Oak Street School

The award came with a "Teacher of the Year" plaque that will allow the winners to hold a privileged parking spot for the next year.

The accomplishments and the amount of time that each of the educators spent in the district were included in the descriptions written by principals.

Other attributes were less specific. Liberty Corner School Principal Kathy Pecoraro, in praising Len, said the third grade teacher "defines Liberty Corner school spirit" even as Len works tirelessly and meets the emotional and academic needs of her students, according to the description read publicly at the board meeting.