MANVILLE, NJ - Bridgewater's own celebrity, Elena Kampouris, met fans at Reading Cinemas, in Manville, to celebrate the opening of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding II," in which she stars.

In th follow-up to the original film, Kampouris plays, Paris, the daughter of Nia Vardalos's Toula Portokalos and John Corbett's Ian.

Kampouris grew up in Bridgewater, graduating from Gil St. Bernard's, and is a member of Gold's Gym, in Bridgewater, which arranged the meet-and-greet at the movie theater.

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"This means everything to me because I was raised in Bridgewater," Kampouris said of the turnout of fans at the theater. "This place has a super special place in my heart."

Kampouris said that no matter where she goes, she is always homesick to come back to Bridgewater.

She said she is excited for everyone to see the movie.

"It's an uplifting movie, and it is nice to have a movie that makes you feel good," she said, adding that the essence of the movie is about family.

"Family is everything," she added.