Sweet Success specializes in creating customized gourmet gift baskets and arrangements ideal for every taste and occasion. They carry a wide selection of the highest quality products, and their gourmet gift baskets and arrangements can be tailored to fit any budget or theme. Their gourmet gift baskets make unique and thoughtful gifts. Family, friends and business associates will delight in receiving a Sweet Success creation. 

TAP sat down with Stella Testa, owner and founder of Sweet Success to learn more about her business.

TAP:  How did you get your start in the Gift Basket Business?

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Stella: I have been very fortunate. My husband and I are hard working people and we love to be generous.   We go shopping and we would always be buying presents for family and friends for no particular occasion.  That’s just the way we are. I always loved gift baskets and I first began making them for my family and I really enjoyed it and that is how my business got started. My passion for giving has become Sweet Success and this September will mark our 13 years in business.

TAP: With Over the 13 years, what do you enjoy the most ?

Stella: I like the creativity.   Every basket is customized for the individual. I have such a good time making them and sometimes I get to see peoples faces light up when they see it for the first time. If you go to your front door and there is a basket, I have never heard about a person saying, ”I don’t want it!”

TAP: What sets you apart?

Stella: Maybe it’s that I care too much. My baskets are like my children; they go out unto the world to find a happy home. I put my whole heart into it and I have not lost the love of making my baskets.

TAP: What advice would you give to someone starting in your business?

Stella: I think I would tell them to learn more about the business before you really get into it. It’s a lot more than just making a basket.  Go to colleges where they have entrepreneur courses: learn the essentials like bookkeeping, computer skills and marketing.

TAP:  What marketing outflow works for you?

StellaNetworking is works best for me.


TAP: What would you do with your business if you knew you couldn’t fail.

Stella:  I want to update my website, so people can better see what to do.


TAP:  What are the significant trends you see going forward in your industry?

Stella:  Even though the price point could be attractive to customers, the quality of baskets has diminished at the bigger retail stores. We fill the baskets with good, unique and quality products not seen on most supermarket shelves.  Strong service skills are our differentiator. I am answerable to the customer, where many of our competitors have a take it or leave it customer service attitude.

TAP: What is one sentence you would like people to use in describing the way that you do business?

Stella: We honestly care to make sure our clients get the best we can give them.


 Visit: www.sweetsuccessgiftbaskets.com

Email: sales@sweetsuccessgiftbaskets.com  | Phone: 908-561-2997