Do you have Ash? Do you know about Emerald Ash Borer? Most people do not. Now is the time to learn before it is too late…

99.7% of all Ash trees in NJ will die, unless they are treated, according to the NJ EAB Task Force; comprised of officials from NJ DEpt. of Ag, US Dept. of Ag, NJDEP & Rutgers University. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) will devastate our properties, towns, and forests by killing our Ash trees!

“All ash trees in NJ should be considered at high risk for EAB,” according to the State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Treatments must start now in order to save them.  

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History shows that approximately four years after detection of Emerald Ash Borer, the Ash trees will enter what has been dubbed as the “death spiral.” The Emerald Ash Borer population and damage in Ash trees will substantially increase. A professional arborist can help to reduce the devastating effects on your trees by treating now. Treatments are especially critical for larger trees, as they are typically more valuable to your landscape, as well as being more expensive to take down, and in most cases irreplaceable.

Call a Tamke Arborist NOW for a free property inspection. Identify your Ash trees and develop your Ash Tree Protection Plan immediately.  Soil and/or trunk injected suppression materials and techniques are available to help protect your Ash trees. An arborist consultant can help you design and implement an appropriate protection plan that suits you, your property and your Ash trees.

You can also refer to for more information. Or call Tamke Tree Experts for expert advice on Emerald Ash Borer at 800-822-3537.