WARREN, NJ - “Due to consumer demand for local food we are seeing an increase in the diversity of market offerings, and more participation from small businesses and farms,” according to Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator Anne Alonzo in 2013. As a result, the number of farmers markets continues to grow throughout the United States. 
Farmers markets have become an integral part of local economies and social networks. They offer a place to connect with neighbors, meet local farmers, and support local small businesses. There are many advantages to buying at a farmer’s market: it can be healthier and more sustainable to eat food that is locally grown; it creates a wonderful opportunity to communicate with those who grow or create the foods that you eat; it helps to build community in your city or neighborhood; fruits and vegetables available to purchase are fresher, and therefore, often taste better; and most importantly, it is outside. 
Recognizing the benefits a Farmers Market offers to the Warren community, the librarians from the SCLSNJ's Warren Township Library branch will be regularly attending the Farmers Market sponsored by Wagner Farm Arboretum. In an effort to connect with the community and help educate community members about the wide variety of services and resources available at the library, librarians will be attending the market twice a month throughout the summer. In addition, the librarians will be selling gently used books and DVDs to support the Friends of the Warren Library. 
The Wagner Farm Arboretum Farmer’s Market has a new location for 2015: 46 Mountain Blvd in front of the Warren Municipal Complex adjacent to the library. Some of the vendors and organizations who will be participating in the market this summer include: Mini Mac Farm, Breadsmith, Cherry Grove Farms, Nicola’s Pasta, Fresca Malanga Farms, The Pink Buttercup, Weichert Realtors, The Green Duchess, Paolo’s Kitchen Gourmet Nuts & Dried Fruit, and Gray’s Florist Waste Not Composting. If you are interested in participating as a vendor in the Farmers Market for 2015, contact the Arboretum’s Office Manager Mary at 908-350-7383 or emailadministrator@wfafnj.org.

Make sure you stop by the SCLSNJ Warren Township Library branch table on Thursdays from 3-7 pm. The next time the Library staff will be present at the market is July 23.