SOMERSET HILLS NJ - The eyes of the five remaining presidential campaigns have started to focus on the Garden State.  With the Wisconsin primary behind them, candidates have started to criss-cross New York state.  It appears that one candidate will appear near the Somerset Hills next week.

As TAP into Somerset HIlls reported on March 30, former Governor and lifelong friend of the Somerset Hills Christie Whitman will host a fundraiser for Ohio Governor John Kasich on April 15.  TAP has now learned that the presidential hopeful will appear at the event.  GOP fundraiser Susan Enderly, a member of the event's host committee, announced to her 4,997 Facebook Friends Friday night that Kasich would attend the event.

Kasich has shown signs of strength in New Jersey.  He finished a strong second in the straw poll held at the Somerset County Republican Convention in March, then won the presidential preference vote at the Union County Republican Convention.  On the heels of those strong finishes, the Kasich campaign made a big splash when New Hampshire Senator John Sunnunu spoke as a surrogate on Kasich's behalf at the Ocean County Republican Convention.

The April 15 event is a private event.  The location will be disclosed to each invitee when they accept their invitiation.