A Lyme summit to feature local and international Lyme disease specialists, the Congressional candidate for NJ District 7 and N.J. State Senate candidate from the 25th District is scheduled to be held Sept. 29 to 30 in Clinton, NJ.

Lisa Bhimani, M.D., and candidate for NJ State Senate to represent the 25th district knows Lyme disease on a personal level, having suffered from the disease.Dr. Bhimani will share her story during a September conference titled, The Educational Summit on Neurological Tick Infections, Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention to be held at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ.  The conference has been organized by activist Linda Osborn of Our Lyme Nation, an ad-hoc Lyme Suicide Awareness advocacy group. 

"Lyme is a devastating disease that is, unfortunately, both under-diagnosed and under-treated in NJ,” said Dr. Bhimani, a semi-retired OB-GYN.  “As both a doctor and a patient who experienced a life-changing battle with Lyme, I plan to advocate in the NJ state Senate for better coverage for Lyme treatment for patients, and better protections for the doctors who tirelessly treat them," she said.

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Congressional Candidate NJ7, Peter Jacob, served as a social worker in the state for nearly a decade and will deliver a keynote speech about the social and economic impacts of Lyme. 

“In his article “The Coming Pandemic of Lyme Dementia” published in Psychology Today, Dr. Mario Garrett, PhD describes what we are facing in terms of a mental health crisis. It is time to talk about addressing what is on the horizon.” says Peter Jacob, LSW.

Dr. Bhimani is challenging incumbent Anthony Bucco. Peter Jacob is challenging incumbent Leonard Lance.

Conference attendees will also hear from physicians who treat Lyme disease patients including Red Bank psychiatrist Robert Bransfield, M.D. who has recently published a paper about in the incidence of Lyme induced suicides will speak on that topic.

Joining Dr. Bransfield will be an array of other specialists:

Canadian physician, 84-year old Ernie Murakami, M.D., who founded the Dr. E. Murakami Centre for Lyme Research in British Columbia. 

Rosalie Greenberg, M.D. a New Jersey based child and adolescent psychiatrist, and author of the book titled, Bi-Polar Kids, treats the psychiatric consequences of Lyme disease in young patients. 

Armin Schwarzbach, M.D., Ph.D. leads ArminLabs in Augsburg Germany and has been “a specialist in laboratory medicine and infectious diseases” for twenty years. 

Leo Shea, III, Ph.D. is a NYC-based psychologist who also treats the neuropsych symptoms of Lyme.

Nancy Baumgartner – LCSW, LLC has a clinical practice Clinton, NJ. Most of her clinical work focuses on Lyme disease and its impact on students and families.