Basking Ridge, NJ- Early March 2015 in downtown Basking Ridge, Mario and Michael Perrotti opened M&M Perrotti’s Prepared Foods, where they offer a wide selection of restaurant quality meals made from the finest ingredients to take home.

Perrotti’s is located at 77 South Maple Avenue in the heart of Basking Ridge, right next door to Gotta Dance. TAP into Basking Ridge spent some time talking with Mario and Michael at the new store.

TAP into BR- How many years have you been in business?

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M&M-  Our Dad has a store in Cranford, New Jersey and It’s been there about 49 years, then we opened up in Far Hills about eight years ago ,and now we are adding on this location in Basking Ridge.

TAP into BR-  Why Basking Ridge?

M&M It’s a phenomenal town, very family oriented; lot of moms, lot of Dads who take care of their family, I live here (Mario.) It’s a huge town that is full of our demographic

TAP into BR- What is your demographic?

M&M- Professionals, Moms, even empty nesters that are too busy to cook. These are all people that might not have the time to cook like they used to or just don’t want to cook because they used to cook for five to 10 people and now they only have to cook for themselves. So cooking is a lot of work and time for them.

TAP into BR- What sets your business apart.?

M&M We do things a little bit differently for example the prepared foods here. That tray of eggplant, it’s made for that person individually; it’s “INTIMATE.”

As well as the service we provide as we really get to know the customer, what you buy.  You can go buy all the ingredients to make something and spend the same amount of money and save time to come here pick up something prepared that just needs to be heated up at home plus it might taste better than homemade.

TAP into BR- What has been the trends in the past and the outlook for the future?

M&M- The trend is prepared foods, period! Dad started a store which was strictly a butcher shop; sawdust on the floor, hanging beef. We do a fair amount of butchering but prepared foods is basically where things are at now. Our eggplant is one of our most popular dishes that we sell here, we used to make as a side dish. People would come in to buy steaks and were looking for side dishes. So my father started making eggplant as a side dish. And now people are buying the eggplant and looking for a side dish to go with that. It grew from there.


Tap into BR- If we are sitting here a year from now and are looking back at the 12 months, what has to have happened for you to be happy with your progress?

M&M- You know, I’m happy already… We opened our door less than three weeks ago and we are really happy with the number people coming in, if this continues, I don't see a reason not to be happy. There is really not much more we can ask for.  There are groups on Facebook, like Basking Ridge Moms, and other social media groups that really helped.  They drove our business, we didn’t promote it or pay for advertising and we are really appreciative.

TAP into BR- What is one sentence you want people to say to describe the way you do Business?

M&M-  “They truly care.”

See the full menu of Prepared Foods

77 South Maple Ave
Basking Ridge, New Jersey
(908) 306-8806