BASKING RIDGE, NJ - Basking Ridge High School class of 2018 alum, Ryan Gogerty, has launched a new, local grocery delivery service GroGo. GroGo is dedicated to setting themselves apart from competition by focusing on customer satisfaction and faster, safer and less expensive grocery delivery.

The concept of GroGo was born in the summer of Gogerty’s freshman year of college as he sat with two fellow Ridge alums.  They discussed how this moment in their lives was the perfect time to take a chance on entrepreneurship.  The three agreed to dedicate one hour per day to brainstorming ideas. “At about six weeks in, we came up with this grocery delivery concept. At the time, we did not know about the big companies like Instacart and Shipt that had a similar idea. What we did know was about Peapod and that they delivered in big trucks and did multiple deliveries and gave great prices. But this was an inconvenience to people who needed same-day delivery and when 20 people are being shopped for in one order it didn't leave a personal touch on your groceries to make sure that you were getting the best,” said Gogerty.

GroGo offers same-day, personal, on-demand grocery shopping and delivery to people that want to free up more time in their day.  “We are here to help the mother or father who comes home from work and needs to start dinner right away to have groceries on their doorstep and not have to go to the store themselves,” said Gogerty.  With no restrictions on stores, or stops, customers can receive all of their local favorites in one delivery.  “I know a lot of people personally who like to get certain things from Stop and Shop and ShopRite and then they like to have certain cuts of steak from Perrotti’s,” said Gogerty.

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GroGo also provides easy communication between shopper and customer and a simple, grocery list model.  Customers can simply type up their grocery list, or upload a hand-written list to the GroGo website. “I have learned a lot about the quality of produce, tips and tricks, having a keen eye for things that don’t say they are expired but are and ripeness.  So, we train our shoppers.  We spend an hour or so taking each shopper on a trip and teach them the ins and outs of grocery stores.  We teach them how our system works, our quality and values and instill that by giving a good effort and staying in constant communication that you’re going to have a satisfied customer,” said Gogerty. 

GroGo also maintains honest,pdf affordable pricing by charging store retail prices plus a flat markup of 20% of your order on all deliveries.  Additional fees only apply if a request is below $50, drivers need to travel more than 5 miles, or your grocery list requires multiple stops. 

“In the next six months we want to have a better interface that allows for the ease of use that we see in our competitors,” said Gogerty.  While GroGo’s competitors have high tech apps to help their shoppers place their orders GroGo is looking to new waves of technology, one of them being voice command.  “We have realized that a lot of people like to use things like Alexa nowadays, and they say, 'hey Alexa, add broccoli to my grocery list,' and then they have a grocery tabbed throughout the week, and they never had to type.  Speaking is obviously the most efficient way to create a list,” said Gogerty.

Interested in learning more about GroGo or becoming a customer or shopper?  Visit their website

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