70 Students Will Take the Stage at Ridge High School for the Ridge Spring Dance Showcase 2017!

BERNARDS TWP. – For the ninth consecutive year, Rachel Miranda, Director of Dance at Ridge High School, has collaborated with students and guest artists to create the upcoming Ridge Spring Dance Showcase 2017. The theme for this showcase is “Leaping Through the Library Part II”. Through dance, students explore various pieces of literature from The Great Gatsby to Divergent!

The Ridge Spring Dance Showcase 2017 will be presented on Friday, May 12, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the Ridge High School Performing Arts Center, 268 S. Finley Ave., Basking Ridge. Tickets are sold online at www.ridgepac.com for $7 in advance. Tickets at the door are $8.

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Students from the following in-school dance classes perform in the showcase: Dance I, Dance II, Dance III and Social Skills Dance. All students participate in dance numbers choreographed by Miranda. Students in Dance II and Dance III also choreograph their own dances that are presented at the showcase. The student-choreographed dances are solos and small ensemble numbers. Students are responsible for the entire creative process from the choreography proposal to the creation of lighting plots for the performance. All rehearsals and choreographing is done during the daily classes.

Students from the following after-school dance activities also perform in the showcase: National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA), Ridge Dance Team and Ridge Dance Collective. This semester Ridge Dance alumni Emily LeBoeuf choreographed for the NHSDA. The members of NHSDA are inducted based on their outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in the field of dance. Ridge Dance Team is a 21-member competitive dance team.

This year guest choreographers, Dylan Smith and Jude Cassion, choreographed three numbers for the Ridge Dance Team; two of these numbers will be performed in this showcase. Ridge Dance Collective is a 40-member modern/contemporary dance ensemble. Students in Ridge Dance Collective collaboratively choreograph their own dance numbers to present at the showcase.

This ensemble consists of students from William Annin Middle School and Ridge High School. The final product from the in-school classes and after-school activities is a spectacular showcase of 16 dances comprised of faculty, guest artist and student choreography.

The showcase is narrated by Ridge High School student Owen McKenna. The showcase cast members include: Olivia Acosta, Stephanie Aiello, Sarah Altonji, Angela Aquilio, Sarah Arrigo, Sophia Bierstein, Caroline Browne, Kelly Cimaglia, Leyla Ciner, Peyton Collins-Horn, Julia Cohen, Julia Cox, Madeline Cox, Regan Cunningham, Arohi Dandawate, Elizabeth Ellis, Kathleen Finn, Lianna Giacobbe, Shelby Gordon, Sydney Gordon, Abigaile Grilli, Christine Haggard, Hannah Heinemann, Catherine Hegeman, Elizabeth Hegeman, Erin Herzog, Alyse Horowitz, Jessica Johnson, Nicolette Kavouras, Lauren Keenan, Audrey Kingree, Blisse Kong, Shriya Kosuru, Sydney Kovach, Jessica Kransdorf, Erin Laffey, Samantha Laham, Madison Maguire, Deirdre McMahon, Francesca Menard, Jane Mercer, Kate Mercer, Juliette Merrigan, Neda Milinkovic, Maia Mielke, McKenna Moore, Julia Pack, Emma Petersen, Lauren Pietro, Abigail Mary Plaza, Elizabeth Raphaels, Kendall Rich, Katrina Riggi, Megan Rush, Kristina Ryjouk, Jacob Salib, Sneha Seelam, Francesca Smith, Juliette Staub, Jose Velasquez,Bryan Volpi, Adelle Wanjiku Warachi, Brittany Wilson, Delaney Winegar, Daniel Woo, Maya Zucker