BRANCHBURG, NJ - Facing the Surge is a new 25-minute documentary, presenting the human experience of sea level rise and a solution to mitigate it. It will be shown in Branchburg Oct. 4 and in Whippany Oct. 5. These film showings are part of a coastal film tour from Maine to Florida this fall.

Facing the Surge documents the tangible costs of 17.5 inches of sea level rise for the people of Norfolk, VA, home of the world’s largest naval base. Norfolk is a working-class American community struggling to adapt to the rising tides and an uncertain future.  The film conveys experiences of waking up to water in bedrooms on clear sunny days, loss of infrastructure and significant economic hardship.

Facing the Surge, however, is not just a film about problems; it also tells stories of citizens as they step forward to become part of a growing climate solutions movement. The film touches on a solution of putting a fee on carbon at its source and returning those funds to households in the form of a dividend. This solution promises, both from experience of others and economic modeling, to provide a powerful market signal to move away from burning fossil fuels. Citizens are discovering that the solution requires their action to direct Congress to act, and that the solution can be implemented without growing the size of government.

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With the release of its documentary short, Facing the Surge, the team behind ADAPATATION NOW is launching its first film tour. Their work is based on the successful book, When Climate Change Hits Home. The filmmaker, Diogo Freire, will accompany the film and its showings.

There are two local showings:

  • Oct. 4, 1 p.m. at Raritan Valley Community College; and
  • Oct. 5, 2:30 p.m. at the Morris County Public Library, 30 East Hanover Avenue, Whippany

The screenings will include interactive sessions with the filmmaker and local representatives of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, an international organization dedicated to creating a livable world. Audiences will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in dialogue about the impact of climate change, coastal adaptation practices, and policies to reduce climate change pollution.

Citizens Climate Lobby is an international non-profit nonpartisan organization with the mission of creating a livable world. CCL’s purpose is to create the political will for climate solutions through the exercise of personal and political power.  Started in 2009, the organization has over 40,000 members. In 2016 alone its members have held more than 950 citizen congressional lobby meetings advocating for climate action.

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