Victoria Dalton, "Tori," began her volunteer career at the age of 10 helping her mother run the children's clothing tent at the semi-annual VNA sale. Tori enjoyed spending time with her mom, meeting people and observing all the activity that is required to run an event of that magnitude.
Tori admits that in the early days she often strayed from her post to find her way to the toy section at the VNA.
She caught the service bug and soon set her sights on volunteering at Lord Stirling Stable, but had to wait until she turned 14. She verbalized her goal, created a countdown and waited four long years to realize it. Tori celebrated her 14th birthday in June and has already logged over 100 hours of volunteer work this year.
Tori enters Ridge High School as a Freshman this fall. She is well on her way to earning a significant Ridge High School Service Award. This award recognizes students who offer their time and talent to benefit others. The awards are given annually to those who provide over 100 hours of service within one calendar year from May to the following April. Students are recognized with a Bronze, Silver or Gold pin for completing 100, 200 or 250 hours of service respectively.

Tori considers her volunteer community an extension of family. She enjoys working with the horses and the people at Lord Stirling Stable. She has learned patience and considers her work humbling at times. "The people at the VNA and Lord Stirling inspire me with their passion to help others and teach people such valuable knowledge. I want to be like them because I know they get up every morning and do what they love and live their lives to the fullest." - Tori Dalton