The Gifted Child: Born or Bred?

Many parents of elementary age children want to ensure their children have the richest learning experiences possible and may search for gifted and talented programs. Are children born gifted? What can we do as parents to nurture a child’s potential for giftedness?

Barbara Clark, author of “Parenting Gifted Children” defines giftedness as “an advanced and accelerated development of functions in the brain that allows for more efficient and effective use. Giftedness is not limited to analytical and problem-solving abilities, but also includes softer skills of intuition, leadership, creativity, and empathy.

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The research shows that while children are born with the potential to be gifted, the environment and nurture plays an important role in developing those innate abilities. In fact, researchers estimate conservatively that environmental influences can add 20-40 points on measured intelligence. Babies are born with 100-200 billion nerve cells and how those cells are wired and connected in early childhood will show themselves later, in language and mathematical skills, the ability to focus or executive function, or in the ability to think rapidly and connect disparate ideas.

Immersing children in an environment where the teacher speaks in a second language has been shown to make children smarter and improve them social emotionally. The language acquisition process creates connections in disparate parts of the brain, as a child is beginning to understand, think, and converse in another language –making their brains superior to that of monolinguals. But this cannot be achieved In an environment with only a few hours of language instruction a week. Full immersion, students spending up to 90% of their time in another language such as Spanish or Mandarin, which is what is offered at HudsonWay Immersion School, has been shown to impact on giftedness.

Using the CoGAT, a common tool for assessing cognitive ability to identify giftedness in public and private schools, HWIS was able to show that while 64% of students who spent one year at HWIS were average or gifted, 100% of those spending 4+ years at HWIS were above average or gifted. This data supports all the research on the benefits of immersion programs and shows that the benefits go far beyond learning a second language!

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HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS), has been a pioneer in Immersion Education since 2005 as the first immersion school founded in the tri-state area. HWIS is a preschool – Grade 8 independent school located in Stirling, NJ.

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HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS) is a Preschool through Grade 8 Mandarin & Spanish language immersion school with campuses in Stirling, NJ and Midtown West, NYC.