He’s too young to get a job. She’s too old for summer camp. What do you do with teens that are stuck somewhere in the middle. You have all summer long (believe it or not it IS coming in a few months), and teens to entertain, but where.

Lower Providence Township has a solution with three simple letters: CIT.

CIT, or the Counselor in Training program, is designed for teens just that age. Those 14 and older can attend.

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“The Counselor in Training program is designed to train youths too old to attend summer camp, but too young for employment with the Lower Providence Township Parks and Recreation,” explained a release from the department’s recreation superintendent, Karen M. Hegedus.

Those that complete the training will be eligible for roles come summer 2014.

“The CIT position is a seasonal, non-paid volunteer position,” she said. “Placements are limited and priority is given to Lower Providence Township residents.”

The CIT teens will assist camp counselors in two of the three different camps available through the township. Lil’ Perkiomy Camp (ages 4 and 5), Camp Perkiomy (grades K through fifth) and Perkiomy Trailblazers (grades five to eight) run for children in and around the township. CIT counselors assist with the two youngest camps, Lil’ Perkiomy and Camp Perkiomy.

During the sessions, those registered in CIT will learn a variety of skills.

“They will get an understanding of what a camp counselors’ daily duties are, what goes into planning for a camp,” said Hegedus. “They will plan and organize activities, supervise children and learn what it takes.”

This is the second consecutive year the CIT program has been in place.

“They also did it years ago, but I am new to the department,” said Hegedus. “Last year was our first full year, when we brought it back. We had it years ago.”

The 2014 summer camps run Monday through Friday, June 23 to Aug. 1 in a variety of sessions. The camp dates were change to June 23, after a previously scheduled June 16 start, to accommodate the changing Methacton School District schedule. Due to snow days, the school year will be extended, and the camp pushed back its start to fall in place with the end of the school year.

Hegedus said there are no requirements for the role, specifically.

“There is an application they fill out, and they need to have a teacher recommendation letter from one of their teachers,” she explained. “They bring that in for a brief set of questions, an interview.”

Hegedus said the interview is also good training for future roles, including that of a camp counselor.

“It is good to prepare if they do apply for a job,” she said. “We ask general questions, like if they have babysat before.”

The full LPPR summer camp guide is available online here. Lil’ Perkiomy Camp runs from 9 a.m. to noon and Camp Perkiomy runs 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Registration for the CIT program will begin on March 1. Registration can be done online at the department’s website (linked here). Positions are also available for camp counselors, group leaders and site supervisors. Full job descriptions are available on the LPPR site here.

Information about the CIT enrollment will be posted to the LPPR website by March 1.

For more information on the CIT roles, call the Lower Providence Township Parks and Recreation Department at 610-635-3543 or visit the township’s website.