EDITOR: This is going to seem like a completely biased endorsement for Dr. Sophia Chadda for Bernards Township Committee. And it is!

While I am the chair of the Bernards Township Democratic Committee, I have also been Sophia's friend since 2003. Our children went to The Albrook School together through pre-school and lower elementary.

And before people start yelling, "See! Chadda doesn't love public school," just take a step back and realize that our children went there because we really loved the school's environment, the Montessori method, the ability for our kids to learn at their pace, and the love that was shown to the children. For us, it was the best option in our town. And let's remember that, it is a school in Bernards Township.

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And one more thing, whether your child goes to public, private or is homeschooled, Sophia Chadda will work for all of you.

Sophia is a humble, kind and a very intelligent woman. And intelligence does matter. Would you not want someone that takes a look at all the facts surrounding a situation and then make a decision based on those facts? This will come into play with not only the quarry but with future affordable housing requests, too. We need to stop emotional response decision-making.

Recently, Sophia went to a full day medical seminar concerning marijuana use and the impact it does and does not have on a person, especially in her line of work. She looked at the facts presented to her. Let me type that line again…she looked at the facts presented to her.

And that is where I am going with this. Facts matter. Intelligence matters. Making decisions on facts and evidence matters.

Sophia Chadda is full of energy. Seriously. There were times during the summer where her ideas were outpacing her own campaign. When she came up with the idea of visiting the businesses in town to see what they really felt about being in Bernards Township, it became a two-month investigative reporting adventure. When people have someone that will listen to them, they talk.

She found out everything from complaints about landlords, air conditioning problems, added fees, horrible maintenance of certain parking lots, poorly designed parking lots and the anger specific areas had about what is going on in their own business district. It was eye-opening. Why hasn't anyone done this before?

And before someone starts complaining, "She was just soliciting for votes," take a step back and learn that many of the business owners she spoke with were not even residents in our town. She wanted to learn and get information directly from the business owners.

She has written six press releases on various issues. Sophia has written about taxes and business revitalization, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, safety, vaping and an article that was done by the Bernardsville News of a submitted letter titled "Stop the Epidemic," which dealt with gun violence and racism.  Yes, she is writing about national issues because they are impacting our local town.

If you want to know more about Sophia, please visit her Facebook campaign page, "Sophia Chadda for Bernards Township Committee." It is a public page so you do not need a Facebook account to view it. Or visit Chadda2019.com.

I encourage you all to vote for Sophia Chadda for Bernards Township Committee.  


Bernards Township