BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, NJ -- In addition to ratifying a new three-year contract with teachers and office staff, the Bernards Township Board of Education on June 17 reappointed administrators and management staff, hired instructional and school aides, and assigned teachers to buildings and grades for 2019-'20.

Assistant Superintendent Sean Siet will be paid $182,677, Business Administrator Roderic McLaughlin $194,670 and Kristin Fox, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, $160,590.

The 29 members of the Bernards Township Administrators Association were hired at annual salaries ranging from $99,000 to more than $177,000.

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Principal Jane Costa at Oak Street School will receive the highest salary of the group at $177,561. William Annin Middle School Principal Karen Hudock will be paid $172,975 and Ridge High School Principal Drew Krause $170,163.

Principal Paul Ciempola at Cedar Hill School will be paid $158,095, Mount Prospect’s Joanne Hozeny $162,330, and James Oliver at Liberty Corner School $161,554.

High School Athletic Director Richard Shello and Jean O’Connell, the director of special education, were each rehired at $164,533. Stephanie Smith (school counseling) will be paid $136,212.

Supervisors of nine departments were hired, at $99,000 for Jennifer Raphaels (social studies), $108,000 for Stephanie Orr (special education) and $125,873 for Grant Kolmer (math). Thomas Misiak (science), Katherine Stotler (world languages), David Hunscher (English language arts), Michael Fackelman (fine and practical arts), Linda Vitale-Stanzione (special education K-8) will receive between $130,907 and $144,753 each with $145,382 for Allyson Read (special education).

Eleven assistant building principals were hired at salaries from $131,842 to $151,745 per year.

The 537 certificated members of the Bernards Township Education Association were given their school and grade teaching assignments for next year.

A total of 32 secretaries represented by the BTEA were also given assignments. All will be paid between $51,501 and $60,551, with nine at that top salary.

A total of 156 school, instructional and nursing aides also part of the BTEA were given assignments for 2019-20. They will be paid between $21.50 and $28.24 per hour.

Non-aligned staff was appointed for 2019-20. They include Director of Information Technology Alex Blinder ($122,595), Assistant Business Administrator Anthony LaMarco at $113,850 and occupational therapist Beth Calabrese at $106,903. In this category are secretaries to the superintendent and assistant superintendent, business administrator, and other top central office positions, as well as jobs like technology technicians, arts center manager, security director, and business office staff.

Nearly 293 assignments of curriculum writing were approved for a total of $208,600 to write this summer.