BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, NJ -- The Bernards Township Board of Education made several personnel moves in the Special Education area on Feb. 25.

Three hires were made for the balance of the school year. Alex Amster was appointed aspecial education ABA (applied behavior analysis) teacher at Cedar Hill School, effective March 8. Ben Donaghy was named a special education ABA teacher at William Annin Middle School, starting Feb. 26, and Emily Perrine was hired as a special education teacher at William Annin Middle School, effective March 18, as a maternity leave replacement.

A child care leave was also approved for Nadine Fechter, a special education Comprehensive Behavior Analytic Program teacher at Mount Prospect School, effective Aug. 5 and returning Feb. 3, 2020.

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The board approved unpaid medical leave for Shayna Germansky, a special education ABA teacher at Mount Prospect School, for Feb. 22 through March 1.

In other personnel moves, the board accepted the resignations of Alicia Bynoe, an art teacher at Liberty Corner School, on or before April 22, and Taryn Schnell, an instructional aide at Ridge High School, effective March 8.

The board approved child care leave for Colleen Bodine, a social studies teacher at

Ridge High School, from June 3 and returning Feb, 3, 2020.

Unpaid federal family leave was granted to Olivia Lopes, a physical education teacher at William Annin Middle School, from Feb. 7 through March 22. The board also allowed an unpaid leave for Katie O’Sullivan, a district nurse, from Feb. 6 through March 19.

Lance Jordan was hired as network administrator in the district office, at a salary of $77,000, effective March 1 through June 30.

Leana Bernstein was hired as a science teacher at William Annin Middle School as a maternity leave replacement from Feb. 15 to the end of the school year.

Kerry Bowden Testa was appointed a Grade 5 teacher at Oak Street School as a medical leave replacement from Feb. 11 to March 6.

Carson Michura was appointed an instructional aide at Mount Prospect School from Feb. 5 to the end of the school year, and Jennifer Nicholson was named human resources digital file clerk from Feb. 11 to the end of the year.