The only people who would be in government are those who care more about people than they do about power.” -Millicent Fenwick

I want to take a moment and speak directly to those of you reading this who are registered independents, undecided Republicans, and Democrats.

The past year we’ve seen some not so nice back and forth politically at the national, state, and local levels. We find ourselves divided in a way that we haven’t in a long time. We’ve become so focused on how we’re different that we have forgotten what we have in common. Here in Bernards Township what we have in common is our love for our community.

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While we have become quick to dismiss a person based on the letter that follows their name, it hasn’t always been this way. In the past, we have taken the time to learn about the candidate as an individual and to base our vote on their credentials. I ask you to base your vote on an individual; me, a woman who loves this community and has invested her time in so many diverse ways.

I have volunteered my time in many ways: 

  • a Girl Scout leader and class mother where I worked with our children,
  • co-founded Society Hill’ s Cell Tower Task Force Coalition and a former Board of Trustee member listening and fighting for our community,
  • served on the Dewey Meadow Task Force and Beautification Task Force planning for the future aesthetics and development,
  • founded the First Responders Appreciation Night to ensure our First Responders are recognized and honored,
  • I was on the Somerset County Office on Aging Advisory Board addressing senior issues,
  • and I am presently a member of the Basking Ridge Business Alliance. Being a former small business owner, I want to assist our business community in continuing to grow and to thrive.  

Also, I am currently the Somerset County Republican State Committeewoman where I’ve developed many relationships throughout the state on both sides of the aisle.  This will be a tremendous asset to our community when it comes to lobbying our legislators to bring dollars back to Bernards and putting affordable housing mandates in the hands of our local officials, so we can combat the overdevelopment.

I also have the honor of serving as the Chairwoman of the Somerset County Commission on the Status of Women. We advocate for all women in Somerset County by providing an effective forum to identify and address women’s issues and concerns.

My own personal hero is a woman who was a trailblazer in her day, the Honorable Millicent Fenwick. A NJ Republican congresswoman beloved by New Jerseyans on both sides of the aisle for her devotion to her nation, her state, and especially her community; a woman known for her personal integrity and intelligence, but most of all, for her independence. She was always her own woman and put her constituents and their needs ahead of all else. Like her, I will always put our Community First.

Our community deserves an open government, where our voices are heard, and we are guaranteed a seat at the table.  My campaign is about COMMUNITY FIRST… Whatever I do, I will always make sure it’s in the best interest of our community and where your health, safety and welfare always come FIRST. From our long time residents whose time in Bernards can be measured in generations to our newest neighbors who come to us from around the world, I want to represent YOU and work to provide you with leadership that will help you to achieve the success and happiness that is at the root of who we are as a community.

I am asking you, the undecideds, the independents, and Democrats to consider voting for me on November 5th. Your vote will guarantee that you will have a representative who is dedicated first, foremost, and always to you and our community. I want to hear your thoughts. Good ideas are not bound by party affiliation, they emerge from all directions.

Should I have the privilege of serving you on the Bernards Township Committee, I am going to be available to you on a full-time basis. Bernards has given me a wonderful life and the opportunity for my husband and I to give our sons the start they need to succeed. I want to give back to Bernards and I want to give back to you.

If you want to ensure that your vote will be invested in a Candidate who will represent all citizens of Bernards, please cast your vote for me on November 5th.