BERNARDS TWP., NJ –  The Stop The Quarry Plan (STQP) group has reached two of its three goals and is ready to celebrate that milestone. The invitation is open to the public.

The Friends of STQP sent an event announcement to e-mail mailboxes of STQP supporters with news of the planned celebration, which will be held this Wednesday, Feb. 28, at the Dead River Pub. The invitation reads:

"We not only stopped the proposed Redevelopment Plan, but we overturned the Redevelopment Zone Designation, which left our town's current Master Plan in place. Next goal is making sure our town is safe from contamination.  Let's stay together as a community and meet neighbors and new friends. This is what Bernards Township is all about.”

The event will be held 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Dead River Pub in Hotel Indigo, 80 Allen Road in Bernards. There will be a cash bar. Supporters are asked to share the event on Facebook and Twitter.