TRENTON, NJ - Well known in the halls of Trenton, as well as in her legislative district, for her efforts on the issue, including as the author of a law that requires the Department of Education to develop guidelines for school districts concerning child trafficking awareness and prevention, Assemblywoman Angela McKnight received the 2020 Advocacy Champion Award from the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking on Thursday.

“It’s an unfortunate truth that human trafficking can happen anywhere. When a child in my hometown of Jersey City fell victim to this horror, I knew we needed to take action,” said McKnight. “The first step towards ending human trafficking is raising awareness, particularly among our children. Once children know how to recognize a troubling situation, they become less vulnerable.”

The three-year program McKnight helped to create includes training for staff and students on how to identify warning signs and risk factors of human trafficking. The law has since been amended for the program to become a mandate in all schools.

“Our work is far from over,” said McKnight. “I remain committed to fighting against human trafficking and standing up for survivors.”