They marched with flowers and bottles of water; they were met with weapons and violence. 

On May 3rd Thomas Duch, Paul Vagianos and Christine Ordway presented Academy Award Nominee, Director Evgeny Afineevsky and his extraordinarily powerful and disturbing HBO documentary, Cries From Syria at The Brightside Screening Room in Jersey City. 

The world has been kept in the dark from the atrocities of Assad's regime. Civilians, mainly children, have been the innocent victims of pure evil. Elementary schools bombed, students seized and tortured; some of them to never return. Children dying of starvation because there is no food, or even water. Families forced to flee, paying smugglers to cross the ocean in flimsy, overcrowded boats or rafts. Children who will forever only see the ocean as a cruel, terrifying, unforgiving force, finally reaching land to be ostracized, barely fed and left to sleep in makeshift tents on city streets. You cannot look away; you cannot say we are not responsible for others; that is a basic tenet of humanity. Our moral choice should be to extend immediate aid and shelter; the less noble choice is that our failure to do so drives those children and young people into the grip of ISIS. We urge you to watch this film; we challenge you not to be moved.

We were so proud to present this film with Freeholder John Bartlett in Jersey City, a sanctuary city. Mayor Steve Fulop and his deputy mayor, Marcos Vigil delivered a proclamation to Evgeny Afineevsky and his film Cries From Syria.  So many activists and community leaders came out to support this important event and evening. We hope that you choose to watch this important film as it is currently being shown on HBO.