BAYONNE, NJ – Security mudrooms are coming to all Bayonne public schools.

In the final part of TAPinto Bayonne’s exclusive interview with Mayor Jimmy Davis, the newly elected second-term mayor announced the enhanced security plans for the public schools in the city following several security threats to the district in February.

Davis also previewed the next four years for the city.

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TAP: You said there was going to be a plan with the Bayonne Police Department for security in the schools. Do you have an update on that and where do you stand in terms of security in the public schools?

Davis: Right now we’re going through the process of hiring Special 3s, which are retired police officers. The other thing we have done is talk with the police union. If we cant get enough specials to work all the schools right away, because you have to go through the process of hiring a police officer even though they are retired police officers.

Right now we don't have enough applications to fill every school. The PBA, our union, the police officers, understand what this is about and they’re working with us so that we’ll be able to do it where police officers can do it as secondary work, almost like an off-duty job, and get paid through the city that way.  Until we get enough of the Special 3s, we’re going to make sure every school has a police officer in it.

TAP: There was an incident in one of the schools about one of the front door employees was assault by someone trying to get in the school…is that a concern of yours, people getting in the schools?

Davis: That was addressed back in February when all of [the school security threats] were going on. One of the things we are looking to do, on [Bayonne Superintendent] Dr. Michael Wanko’s recommendation, is to build mudrooms.  

Right now, there are some schools that you can walk into and you can segregate them, where visitors can only go so far. A lot of the older schools you can’t. Once you enter, you’re in the hallway of the school, then you get wanded and walk through a medal detector.  What we are getting ready to do is build a mudroom where when someone enters a school, they’re only in that room, then they get wanded, they can walk through a medal detector, but then they have to go through a secondary door that will be locked and opened for them to go into the school.

Now, if  you have an incident like that where someone is trying to get in, they’re only going to get into the mudroom, they wont be able to go further than that.    

TAP: What is the future of Bayonne? You’re first four years have been spent on economic development and finding partners. What are the next four years going tob e like in Bayonne under the Jimmy Davis organization?

Davis: We’re going to continue doing exactly what we were doing the last four years. The beginning part, the first two years, was to get everything started. The last two years was getting the plans. Now its to continue it. Its about being out there, Its about talking to the people of Bayonne and finding out the little things that they want. Its slowly but surely bringing everyone together as a community and making this a better place for everyone.  


This was the final part of a three-part interview with Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis.

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