BAYONNE, NJ –Mayor Jimmy Davis won a second four-year term as the leader of Bayonne in the municipal elections two weeks ago. To kickoff his second term in office, Davis sat down with TAPinto Bayonne to put an end to the latest election cycle and preview what the next four years in the city will look like.

Over the next several weeks, TAPinto Bayonne will bring you the entire 20 minute interview in three parts.

In this edition, Davis discusses what he learned during the election cycle and the current plans in place to fix those issues.

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Next week, Davis talks about the various development projects throughout the city, specifically within the Military Ocean Terminal area.

The conversation wraps up in early June when Davis reviews school security and future plans for the city.


TAPinto Bayonne: How does it feel to be given the keys to Bayonne for another four years?

Major Davis: Honestly, it's a great feeling. With the election, it proved to me that people see where the city of Bayonne is going and they are onboard with where the city is going. They want to see more done and I think the voting proved that. I think that was the one thing I took out of that.

TAP: Through this past election cycle, what did you learn about the city and about the residents that will help you in these next four years?

Davis: I think the one thing we learned about are a couple of key issues. One is parking and the other is street cleaning. They were issues in the last election and they’re still issues, which tells me that we need to do a better job of cleaning the streets of Bayonne. We are definitely going to put a plan together and do something with. We are going to continue attacking the parking problem for the city of Bayonne.

The two things when I walked alone, you know you’re constantly walking, ringing door bells and talking to people, the two biggest issues with a lot of people besides the major issues, which is taxes, were parking and the streets. That is going to be a major concern over the next four years for us.

TAP: With the parking issue, is that something that is doable? Are there opportunities to improve it?

Davis: Parking is a common sense approach. The only way you can fix a parking problem is by adding parking. We’re trying to work with some of the developers to do that.

If you look at the 46th Street project, part of his parking deck is going to be a municipal parking lot for the residents, for people that are going to shop in that area. At night, residents are going to able to park there overnight because our meters our meters are only from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. From 7 p.m. to 9 a.m., people are going to be able to park in there. This is an area where there was no municipal parking, so now we are adding that as part of his project.

The other thing we are looking at now is to start taking our municipal parking lots and slowly start building parking decks and doing the same thing that people in those neighborhoods can park in those decks overnight. The only way to fix parking is to add parking.


Part two of our sit down with Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis will post on May 30.