On Friday, May 4, Governor Phil Murphy joined Mayor Jimmy Davis, State Senator Sandra Cunningham, Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti, and Assemblywoman Angela McKnight at the future site of waterfront walkways on Newark Bay.  City Council Members Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski, Juan Perez, Tom Cotter, and Sal Gullace also took part in the event.   

A $1 million grant from the state and a matching grant from an Exxon environmental remediation fund will finance the project.

The first walkway is going to extend southward from Veterans’ Park behind  the Sunset Trailer Park. The second walkway will extend southward along the bay from DiDomenico-16th Street Park towards Robbins Reef Yacht Club.

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Speaking by the water, just south of Ahern Veterans Stadium, Assemblyman Chiaravalloti called it “a special day for Bayonne,” and said it was “special for our residents to create access to the waterfront.”  He said the City of Bayonne has “great partners in Trenton.” 

State Senator Cunningham called the walkway “a wonderful, wonderful project.”  She referred to the waterways around the community as “one of Bayonne’s natural gifts.”  Looking across Newark Bay, she said, “This view is phenomenal.”  She thanked Mayor Davis for “consistently moving Bayonne along.”

Referring to Governor Murphy, Mayor Davis said, “We now have a Governor who is willing to work with us.”  Mayor Davis explained, “We are going to take over our waterfront and make it a waterfront walkway.”  He continued, “We will hand it over to our own people to enjoy.”

Governor Murphy called the walkway project “a game-changer,” a case of “good government,” and “a home run for Bayonne.” He said, “This is what it looks like when you have state and local government working together.”  He urged local residents to “take advantage of your water,” and called Bayonne a great place “to walk or buy a home.”  Governor Murphy concluded by thanking the local state legislators, Mayor Davis, and the City Council “for all of your leadership.”

City officials expect construction on the walkways and related shade structures, and seating areas to begin this summer.  The goal is to complete the project in the autumn.