The seriousness of diabetes and the steps one must take to control the disease were addressed at a seminar attended by three dozen Bayonne and Jersey City residents.

At the seminar, representatives of CarePoint Health, the Diabetes Foundation of New Jersey and Liss Pharmacy of Newark educated attendees about the proper diet, exercise and other good health habits that should be undertaken by those diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Michelle Jansen, a nutritionist and coordinator with the Diabetes Foundation, said that individuals being aware of their glucose levels is vital to maintaining their good health.

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“To know your numbers is super-important,” Jansen said. 

Ralph Hernandez, a Liss pharmacist, agreed. “We talk to them about their blood sugar, what their numbers mean. We bring awareness to the community, to let them know how important it is to monitor their blood sugar.”

Participants said that this type of informational program is extremely valuable. “I try to make all of the programs,” said one attendee. “I gain awareness, I get a better understanding of different diseases.”

CarePoint Health nurses performed blood pressure and cholesterol screenings. A healthy dinner was included with the program.