Beat the Heat.

The soaring temperatures in the summer can pose risks to your health, including dehydration and heat stroke. Heat stroke is extremely serious and can potentially lead to death when exercising in hot conditions. It occurs when internal body temperatures surpass 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be mindful of monitoring sun exposure and exercise on hot days to prevent heat illness.

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​The best way to combat heat exhaustion is to prevent it entirely. Some ideas to consider:
1. Monitor Water Intake. Consume 2 cups of water in the 30 minutes leading up to physical activity and 1 cup every 20 minutes during.

2. Be Extra Careful at Work. Excessive heat was one of the top three most dangerous weather types in 2017, responsible for 87 deaths. It's important that employees remember to not push themselves on exceedingly hot days.

3. Wear the Right Clothing. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing, and regularly apply sunscreen.

While prevention is key, recognizing the symptoms of heat exhaustion quickly and treating them promptly is the next important step to combating heat-related illness. These symptoms include faintness, dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps, cool skin amid hot air, and headaches.

If you suspect someone may be experiencing heat stroke, contact emergency medical help immediately. While awaiting professional help, theMayo Clinic advises cooling the person by removing unnecessary clothing, moving the person indoors or to a shaded area, and applying water or cool compresses.


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