Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that residents can report incidents of graffiti in Bayonne to a hotline at the Department of Public Works.  That telephone number is 201-858-6070, which will accept voicemail messages after hours.  Mayor Davis said, “Graffiti tends to occur during the summer months when schools are closed.  It is important for anyone who sees fresh graffiti to report it before the paint or other substance used becomes embedded in the surface.  The Bayonne Department of Public Works offers a graffiti removal service for Bayonne’s private property owners and public properties.  We urge all owners of qualifying properties to apply to have graffiti removed as soon as possible.”

            Public Works employees will remove graffiti from unpainted cement, brick, brickface or marble surfaces.  They will not remove graffiti from painted surfaces, vinyl siding, wood surfaces or any surface that indicates loose brick, mortar or any sign of material weakness. 

            There will be no charge for the removal of graffiti, providing the owner of the property signs a release and indemnification agreement, approved by the City Law Department, releasing the City of Bayonne from any and all liability.

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            According to the Public Works Department, in 2015, it performed 228 graffiti removals.  In 2016, the department carried out 839 graffiti removals.

            To request the graffiti removal service or to ask any questions about the program, please call the Public Works hotline at 201-858-6070.