BAYONNE, NJ- Mayor Jimmy Davis advised residents to be wary of scammers who are telephoning people with bogus information about alleged accidents involving family members.

“My office has received reports that scammers have telephoned Bayonne residents with the false claim that one of their family members has been involved in an accident," Davis said in a statement Thursday. "These are attempts to trick people out of money.  Please do not give money or financial information to these scammers.”

Mayor Davis continued, “If a stranger claims over the phone that a certain person in your family has been in an accident, get off the phone and contact that family member.  Most likely, that person has not been in an accident.  Please make him or her aware of the attempted scam.  Advise other members of your family of the true situation, and caution them about the accident scam.”

If you need to report a crime, please contact the Bayonne Police Department at 201-858-6900.  To report an emergency, please call 9-1-1.