Bayonne, NJ — You know the company as the city’s provider of emergency medical services, responding when people in Bayonne have been in a car accident, have had a heart attack or find themselves in the midst of some other medical emergency.

But what you may not realize is that any time there is a city event of note, employees of the McCabe Ambulance Service are somewhere on site, ready to treat that sprained ankle, heat exhaustion or other, more serious, condition.

At Bayonne’s Independence holiday event earlier this summer, children enjoyed fun houses, adults listened to Bayonne’s first summer concert, and individuals of all ages patronized any of a half dozen food trucks or tables.

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But at the southwestern edge of DiDomenico/16th Street Park, near Newark Bay, there were McCabe staff members, 10-people strong, stationed almost sight unseen. Their preparations included everything from an “ASAP,” a small all-terrain mini-ambulance, to the McCabe Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB), which can transport 22 people lying flat to Bayonne Medical Center or any other hospital.

Any parents who wandered over with their children to the McCabe emergency vehicles on display could get a free tour of one of them. Four-year-old Jacob Mongiello and his dad, Tom, were two who did.

But the even more important reason for the McCabe presence was to ensure that everyone taking in those activities – and the fireworks display that followed – left for home as healthy and safe as when they first arrived.

“We come down every July 4th prepared for the worst, even though we don’t anticipate any issues,” said Michael McCabe, Chief of Operations.

This service is not something new to the city. McCabe has committed the resources to keep Bayonneites safe at special events like this one for the 43 years the ambulance service has been in existence.

These have included not only the annual fireworks display, but also the Bayonne Hometown Fair, Bergen Point Fall Festival, Bridgemen Drum & Bugle Corps concerts, and the St. Patrick’s, Memorial Day and Hispanic parades.

“And we do it at no cost to Bayonne,” McCabe said. “The resources for the events are part of our operational budget. It’s a service we provide for the residents of Bayonne.”

So the next time you attend a concert, fireworks or a fair in Bayonne, glance over and take comfort knowing that the McCabe EMTs are nearby, and ready to act should you need them.