The City of Bayonne Police Department would like to remind residents to remain vigilant in securing their vehicles properly when parked on the street or in driveways.  Police Chief Drew Niekrasz advised residents, “Failing to lock parked vehicles properly, and leaving items of value visible within vehicles, has led to an increase in the amount of vehicle entries throughout the city.  It is important to realize that the vast majority of these entries have been to unlocked vehicles.” Chief Niekrasz continued, “Although arrests have been made in multiple instances, the potential for quick profit exists whenever a car is left unsecured.    These are crimes of opportunity that require no skill and can completed within seconds.  An unlocked car door typically results in minor losses (loose change, sunglasses, paperwork), these losses can result in further victimization including vehicle and identity thefts.  The department has seen numerous incidents where wallets, purses, GPS devices, laptop computers, vehicles and residence keys have been taken from vehicles left unlocked on city streets.”  

Mayor Jimmy Davis said, “We have taken action to respond to these crimes. Additional plainclothes personnel have been assigned to help address these incidents.  The Police Department can be even more effective in combating this issue with the public’s assistance.  By working together, the City Administration, the police, and the public can fight crime. Please help your Police Department protect you, your family and your neighbors by taking the time to secure your vehicles properly when parked, and by removing items of value whenever possible to help reduce the frequency of these incidents.”  Mayor Davis continued, “In addition, be proactive in reporting suspicious solicitors and other individuals you believe may be committing criminal acts.  These reports can be made to the main Police number at 201-858-6900, or in emergencies by calling 9-1-1.  Tips that are not time-sensitive can be made to the Police Departments’ Tip Line at 1-877-900-8477.”