Wind damage can peel shingles from the roof or worsen any cracks in a home's siding, making it possible for rain to seep in and cause water damage. Strong winds can also turn loose objects into projectiles that can be flung against the house to break windows and damage walls. The best protection against wind damage involves preventive maintenance . Here are some tips to get started:

1. Inspect Your Roof. If you have loose shingles or other damage to your roof, a wind storm could make it much worse. Consider hiring an inspector or roofing professional to evaluate the integrity of your roof. 

2. Inspect Your Trees. Dead or dying trees can be a serious danger during a wind storm, as they can be toppled on to your house or car with one big gust. Summer is the best time to look over your landscape plantings because dead branches are obvious; they don't have any leaves. If you're worried about a large tree that's too close to your house, call an arborist for pruning or removal.

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3. Create an Emergency Plan. Consider enabling the emergency alerts on your cellphone to get the latest updates. If you're in tornado country, consider where you will shelter during a weather warning. If you need to evacuate due to a hurricane, where will you go?Build a disaster kit with food, water, and first aid supplies so you're ready for the worst.

4. Secure Outdoor Furniture. Patio furniture, umbrellas and other outdoor furniture can become very dangerous in high winds. Have a secure place to store these items when you get a storm warning, or considerusing a bungee cord to tether them to a sturdy fence or building so they can't blow away.


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