BAYONNE, NJ – A late-afternoon rainstorm on Monday, July 18 wreaked havoc on the city’s trees, cracking their branches like twigs and sending them crashing to the ground.

A portion of a 25-foot tree on Parkside Lane came down in the middle of the block – missing cars, people and wiring – but impeding passage.

Firefighters cut down branches from a tree that had blocked the right lane of Kennedy Boulevard southbound by Linden Street. Part of a tree also partially blocked 8th Street between the Boulevard and Avenue C until being cleared.

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One firefighter said the tree-cutting duties were “non-stop” following the storm. Another firefighter said he “couldn’t even count” how many calls his truck had gone on.

“It was just one after another,” he said. “We’d get back to the station, and we’d get another call.”