BAYONNE, NJ - As you head out to your New Year's Eve celebration tonight, take into consideration that 6 p.m. on December 31 to 6 a.m. on January 1 are the most dangerous hours of the year to drive or ride in a car on our nation’s roadways.

If possible, avoid being on the road during that window of time. If your celebrations will include alcohol, consider these tips to help ensure you and your family stay safe this holiday.

  • Make a plan ahead of time. Don't wait until you've started drinking to figure out how you're going to get home.
  • Never get in the car with a driver who has been drinking. Even one alcoholic beverage can impair his or her ability to drive safely. 
  • Make sure friends and family who celebrate with you have a safe ride home, or invite them to sleep over. 
  • Plan to call a taxi or use a ride-sharing service such as Uber or Lyft to help you get home safely. 
  • If you wake up early on New Year’s Day after consuming too many adult beverages the night before, be aware that you could still be legally intoxicated; don’t drive until enough time has passed that you’re sober. 

Also, if you witness a driver who you suspect may be driving under the influence, pull over to a safe place and call 9-1-1.